Individual PsychoTherapy

Therapy is an investment in yourself. I approach the process with an open mind and a belief that the journey may lead you to discover your truest and most authentic self. 

Relational Counseling

This includes counseling for monogamous couples, non-monogamous relationships, friendships, and family members.


Groups provide the opportunity to explore patterns of thinking and behaving that are similar to how you relate to others in your life. Giving and receiving feedback in connecting ways is encouraged. I currently run a Trans* Support and Process Group on Monday evenings. A brief phone consultation is required if you're interested in joining the group.  

Exploration SessioN (1.5-3 hrs)

By definition, an exploration is the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. These sessions, often guided by questions, are for folks that aren't sure if ongoing therapy is the right fit, but want some support and feedback during the first steps of a new journey.

An exploration session might be for you if: 

+ You are questioning or coming to a new understanding about your gender identity or sexual orientation.

+ You want to explore options such as hormone therapy or other medical services related to a transition. 

+ You have a trans, intersex, or LGBQ identified loved one or someone you care about just came out and you need a safe and judgement free place to ask questions, express concerns, and process all the new information you've been given. 

+ You are an individual or couple thinking about or in an open relationship and want support and feedback as you discuss and set boundaries and ground rules. 

+ You are in a relationship and want to deepen your understanding of each other's internal worlds in a safe place. Topics may include talking about childhood, understanding communication styles, or exploring sexual fantasies.  


If you are unable to travel to my office and live in the state of Texas, I'm able to offer online therapy through VSEE. This service works like Skype, but is HIPAA compliant to ensure your confidentiality. The download is free and can be found here. Simply enter your email and click "Free Video Chat Sign Up."

Professional consultation

If you are an intern or professional that wants to increase your competency and understanding around working with LGBTQI and/or nonmonogamous clients, a consultation will provide education and information on topics based on your needs. Examples include: creating inclusive paperwork and a welcoming environment, understanding the difference between sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, and understanding gender identity and expression and the issues facing transgender individuals. Please inquire about discounts for small groups and multiple consultation packages.